Herzog Crebs LLP wins $390,000 Jury Verdict for Client in Shareholder Dispute

John G. Beseau and Justin A. Welply won a jury trial on February 16, 2017 for Herzog Crebs LLP client, Joan Robinson. A St. Louis County jury agreed that Joan was wrongfully expelled from Perma-Jack Company by her siblings, John Langenbach and Judy Lanfri, and found her damages to be $390,000.00. Joan and her siblings are the three equal shareholders of Perma-Jack Company. Before her expulsion, Joan was the company's President.

The first judge in the case granted summary judgment for defendants on all of Joan's claims at the end of 2013. Fortunately, the Court of Appeals saw it differently and, in a published 2014 opinion, ordered that a trial be had on Joan's jury and equitable claims. Even more fortunately, the jury agreed that Joan's removal was not done in Perma-Jack's best interest. Joan's remaining equitable claims for shareholder oppression are still pending before Judge Kristine Kerr and will be decided in the coming months.