Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

Many companies rely on names, procedures or processes for their future financial stability. While it can seem challenging to protect and defend these intellectual properties, we will thoroughly investigate your situation and aggressively defend your rights.

The intellectual property attorneys at Herzog Crebs LLP have extensive experience representing large and small organizations in diverse industries. Our lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients involved in disputes over patent issues, licensing issues and other issues surrounding the creation and use of intellectual property. We also have extensive experience working through complex trademark and copyright enforcement.

Intellectual property cases can be intricate, requiring thorough research and careful investigation. If another business has put a product on store shelves with the same name or logo as yours, or one that is similar, you need to act quickly to protect your trademark rights. If you fear your copyright in artwork, music, movies or television has been infringed upon, a skilled attorney can defend your rights through litigation. Trust us to act quickly to defend your rights, reputation and intellectual property. Based on the needs of your case and your specific goals, Herzog Crebs LLP will aggressively pursue a resolution through either a negotiated settlement or litigation.

We are here to give you the upfront resources you need to avoid disputes and escalating conflicts. Contact us to discuss our law firm's full range of business counsel services.

Our attorneys practicing in intellectual property litigation:

Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, Brian M. Wacker, Christian J. Bowling