Experienced ADR Advocates and Neutral Third Parties

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a popular means of resolving disputes — particularly commercial and construction disputes — outside the constraints of traditional litigation. Through nonbinding mediation, binding arbitration and early neutral evaluation proceedings, parties can avoid mutually costly trials.

At Herzog Crebs, we offer comprehensive services in the area of ADR, providing skilled counsel, savvy advocacy and effective neutral mediation and arbitration. With offices in St. Louis, Belleville and Edwardsville, we serve clients throughout Missouri and Illinois. Contact us to discuss our quality ADR services.

Advising Clients on Dispute Resolution Options

ADR usually offers faster results at a lower cost than traditional litigation. However, when entering into ADR, it is important to understand and defend your legal rights, even if you choose not to do so through litigation.

Our legal team has an in-depth knowledge of alternative dispute resolution and is fully prepared to advise clients on all of the following important issues:

  • When to use ADR
  • Strategies for the effective and economical use of ADR
  • What to consider when drafting ADR provisions in agreements
  • The selection of proven neutral arbitrators and mediators

If the parameters of the ADR method you have chosen allow, we will advocate for your position during proceedings, seeking creative solutions and compromises while maintaining a devotion to your interests.

Neutrally Mediating and Arbitrating Disputes

The selection of a mediator or arbitrator is a key element of successful ADR. At Herzog Crebs, our attorneys have a strong reputation — particularly for a firm our size — for facilitating settlement as mediators and deciding cases as arbitrators.

Our firm is a member of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and one of our partners is an AAA panelist. Several of our lawyers have been certified as neutrals by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, and several are on the approved lists of mediators for the circuit courts in the city and county of St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Clair County, Illinois. Contact our firm to discuss your legal matter in greater detail.

Our attorneys practicing in alternative dispute resolution:

M. Ann Hatch, Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, James R. Keller, Don Ward, Daniel S. Peters, James D. Maschhoff, John G. Beseau, Brian M. Wacker, Christian J. Bowling