Lawyers Protecting your Business Interests in Court and Arbitration

At Herzog Crebs LLP, we represent entities and individuals in a wide range of disputes involving business activities, adopting strategies tailored to each client's unique needs and goals.

Contact us to meet with a Herzog Crebs LLP attorney at one of our offices in St. Louis, Belleville, or Edwardsville about any business litigation matter, including matters in the following areas:

  • Commercial Litigation: Our St. Louis commercial litigation attorneys can create an effective and efficient litigation team for any matter that may impact your business's conduct of orderly and beneficial commercial activities. Our commercial litigation practice is comprehensive for both plaintiff and defendant, and it covers matters such as business and partnership disputes, contractual disputes, fraud, unfair competition, breach of fiduciary duty, wrongful discharge, sexual harassment, enforcement of non-compete and confidentiality agreements and many other matters.
  • Construction Litigation: Complex construction projects involving multiple parties and sophisticated contracts can end up in dispute no matter how carefully the parties try to avoid it. We represent owners, contractors, sub-contractors and design professionals in these disputes.
  • Franchise and Distribution Litigation: When business franchise relationships turn sour, untangling each party's rights and interests can be tricky and often requires litigation. We will assert your rights in any franchise or distribution dispute.
  • Intellectual Property Litigation: Our lawyers provide legal advice and representation for clients involved in disputes over patent, trademark and copyright issues, as well as licensing and other issues surrounding the creation and use of intellectual property.
  • Real Estate Litigation: Our experienced real estate lawyers can protect your interests in zoning and land use disputes, property line disputes, real estate contract disputes and other types of litigation.

We have a level of courtroom experience that is not just a matter of facility with the substantive law. We are confident and effective in communicating our clients' interests to judges and juries in court. You can always have confidence in the skills our business litigation attorneys bring into the courtroom.

Many law firms only handle one type of business litigation. At Herzog Crebs LLP, we are adept at meeting all of your business litigation needs. Our Missouri and Illinois attorneys handle complex litigation involving extensive document review and maintenance with the help of our excellent, highly experienced paralegal support staff. We also handle cases involving minimal evidentiary issues that need to be prepared for trial quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys handle appellate work in state and federal courts throughout the country. Usually, it is for cases we have tried. Sometimes, however, we are engaged to handle appeals of cases other attorneys have tried. In either situation, we strive to provide the highest level of written and oral advocacy.

Whatever your business litigation needs, you can rely on our experienced, flexible, cost-effective and time-sensitive lawyers at Herzog Crebs LLP. Contact us today.

Our attorneys practicing in business and commercial litigation:

M. Ann Hatch, Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, James R. Keller, Don W. Ward, Daniel S. Peters, James D. Maschhoff, John G. Beseau, Brian M. Wacker, Christian J. Bowling