Experienced Team of Insurance Defense Lawyers

At Herzog Crebs LLP, we defend large international corporations, small family-run businesses, and a wide range of businesses in between against potentially costly litigation related to business products and services.

We handle cases in federal and state courts throughout Missouri and Illinois. Contact us if you need diligent and experienced defense attorneys to handle your business litigation defense needs, including those involving:

Defending You Against Damaging Litigation

Our skilled attorneys provide individual and careful attention to each client. We are always mindful of the costs and the potential public relations consequences of litigation for businesses.

We efficiently guide each case through the steps needed to protect our client's interests. We work to avoid the initiation of litigation when possible, efficiently protect our client while working toward a positive outcome once a lawsuit is filed, and provide a vigorous defense at trial, if necessary.

Our attorneys practicing in litigation defense:

M. Ann Hatch, Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, James R. Keller, Don W. Ward, Daniel S. Peters, Gary L. Smith, James D. Maschhoff, Tracy Beckham Phipps, Jacqueline F. Redmond, Brian M. Wacker, Caleb D. Hawkins, Michael F. Lecinski, Justin A. Welply, Gregory D. Haueisen