Lawyers for Business Sales and Acquisition

Herzog Crebs LLP advises and represents business owners throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area in all matters related to the sale or acquisition of businesses and commercial properties.

Backed by nearly 30 years of experience, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of issues and matters to be addressed in complex commercial transactions, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting Letters of Intent
  • Examining legal and tax implications of asset versus equity sales
  • Processes for due diligence and protecting confidentiality
  • Facilitating financing and negotiating terms
  • Negotiating and drafting Asset and Stock Purchase Agreements, and all ancillary documentation
  • Collateral security and release — Recording of Deeds, UCC filings, State filings such as for MDNR, Department of Economic Development (TIF and other), Missouri Health (CON and other), Maritime filings with Port Authority and Coast Guard
  • Intellectual Property research and protection
  • Advise regarding legal risks related to indemnity obligations and post-closing obligations

We will Work Closely with You

We have earned our reputation as a leading business transactional firm by staying focused on what is important for our clients. Acting as your outside general counsel, we will remain in close contact with you throughout the sale or acquisition process. Your lawyer will be backed by a team of legal professionals who practice in the area of commercial real estate transactions. You get the advantage of working one to one with your attorney and the benefit of years of knowledge that only a law firm of our size and stature can provide.

Whether you are interested in selling a business property or acquiring or merging with an existing business, turn to us for quality legal counsel. Contact our offices in St. Louis, Belleville or Edwardsville to arrange a consultation.

Please contact one of the following attorneys for your business needs:

A Fuller Glaser Jr., Daniel S. Peters, Lynn T. Goessling, Ann B. Stephens, Carrie F. Keller, John G. Beseau, Brian M. Wacker, Meredith P. Murphy, Christian J. Bowling