Attorneys for Contract Negotiations and Drafting

Contracts lie at the heart of every successful business. The attorneys at Herzog Crebs have over 30 years of experience assisting clients in creating and negotiating strong, enforceable contracts. We can do the same for you, drafting contracts that will protect your interests, avoid hidden risks and achieve your objectives.

We are experienced working with business owners, management, project managers and other personnel in drafting and negotiating contracts in a multitude of business contexts, including construction, real estate, employment, shareholder and other business owner agreements, to name a few.

We will take personal responsibility to first understand your business, your objectives and concerns and then see the process through efficiently to arrive at contracts that are clear, concise and enforceable and avoid needless litigation.

We have experience with contract formation in such areas as:

  • Ownership agreements – Whether shareholders, partners or members
  • Real Estate – Sales/acquisition, leases, joint ventures, subordination
  • Finance – Loan agreements, participations, and private and public offerings
  • Construction – Owner/contractor, general/subcontractor, architects, engineers – escrow and disbursements – bonds – releases
  • Franchise
  • Transportation/maritime – Acquisitions, bills of lading, mooring, charters

We are ready to help.

Please contact one of the following attorneys for your business needs:

A Fuller Glaser Jr., Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, James R. Keller, Daniel S. Peters, Lynn T. Goessling, Ann B. Stephens, James D. Maschhoff, Carrie F. Keller, John G. Beseau, Brian M. Wacker, Meredith P. Murphy, Justin A. Welply, Christian J. Bowling