Attorneys to Help your Business Succeed

If you are starting a business or evaluating the structure of an existing business, our business attorneys will help you set up your corporate structure so as to best achieve your goals. We have helped hundreds of business owners over the years establish and successfully operate businesses, whether they are small, midsize or large.

If your business is new, we will help you establish the type of entity that best fits your circumstances and goals, whether it is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or something else. Further, we offer our expertise, experience and resources to help you prepare all manner of contracts that you will need, such as agreements between co-owners, employment contracts, employee handbooks, vendor agreements, subcontracts, etc. We can help you find and negotiate financing, reduce taxes, manage and limit your risks, establish effective management structure, acquire property whether by acquisition or leasing, advise on employment matters and all manner of issues that you as the business owner will face.

If you are a small or midsize business, consider us your outside general counsel, ready to meet your objectives and contribute to your success. If you are a large corporation with your own general counsel, we can provide expertise or additional resources when needed, such as for a substantial acquisition or regulatory audit, which calls for additional expert legal resources.

Examples of legal services you may need and we can provide:

  • Entity advice and formation — (corporation, subs, LLC, partnership, professional corporation, nonprofit)
  • Seeking, obtaining and negotiating financing (bridge, angel, permanent — investor, bank, public offerings — original or refinance)
  • Employment contracts, noncompetes, employee handbooks, deferred compensation, benefit programs
  • Management structure and shareholder relations
  • Real estate and commercial asset acquisition, financing and sales
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Tax mitigation

We are ready to help.

Please contact one of the following attorneys for your business needs:

A Fuller Glaser Jr., Gene J. Brockland, Michael A. Vitale, James R. Keller, Daniel S. Peters, Lynn T. Goessling, Ann B. Stephens, James D. Maschhoff, Carrie F. Keller, John G. Beseau, Brian M. Wacker, Meredith P. Murphy, Justin A. Welply, Christian J. Bowling