Outside General Counsel for Banks

Herzog Crebs LLP serves as counsel for banks in the full range of legal issues facing banks throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. We offer our bank clients nearly 30 years of experience and excellent work founded on an in-depth knowledge of commercial lending.

Our services to banks and lenders include:

  • Form contract review and/or drafting of agreements to address unique situations, promissory notes, loan agreements, guarantees, subordinations and all other manner of lending documentation
  • Review, preparation and negotiation of title issues
  • Research regarding and securing loan collateral
  • Preparation of documentation in recordable form and recording of deeds and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Assistance with addressing legal issues in negotiating terms with borrowers particularly as to indemnities, guarantees and subordinations
  • Advice regarding security and risk mitigation
  • Loan workout negotiations and foreclosures

Please contact one of the following attorneys to discuss your banking law needs:

Daniel S. Peters, Carrie F. Keller, Brian M. Wacker, Meredith P. Murphy, Christian J. Bowling