Experienced Attorneys For Asbestos Claims Defense

The attorneys at Herzog Crebs LLP have defended asbestos cases for more than two decades in state and federal courts, including those in Madison, St. Clair, McLean and Cook counties in Illinois and the circuit courts of the city of St. Louis and Jackson County, Missouri. Asbestos claims often present complex, interrelated scientific and legal issues for businesses large and small. As a result, it is important to turn to experienced, practical legal counsel when your business is faced with issues involving alleged overexposure to asbestos.

Our team of defense lawyers has many years of experience in asbestos litigation, and we have streamlined our efforts to obtain successful, cost-effective results. The asbestos litigation defense attorneys at Herzog Crebs LLP have also helped achieve significant cost savings for clients through joint representation of multiple defendants, often acting as liaison counsel.

Mesothelioma Defense Attorneys

Herzog Crebs LLP has successfully defended asbestos cases for over 20 years, and we are ready to advise and counsel insurers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, contractors and premises owners at every point in the process. Our defense of corporate clients in asbestos litigation includes the following matters:

  • Contractors
  • Distributors and retailers
  • Friction products
  • Home improvement products
  • Manufacturers of boilers, turbines, pumps, valves, HVAC equipment and other machinery
  • Premises owners
  • Thermal insulation and related products

If you have questions regarding defense litigation or any of our practice areas, we invite you to schedule a consultation with an attorney at Herzog Crebs LLP. Contact our firm to discuss your legal matter in greater detail.

Our attorneys who handle asbestos cases:

M. Ann Hatch, Don W. Ward, Gary L. Smith, James D. Maschhoff, Tracy Beckham Phipps, Jacqueline F. Redmond, Caleb D. Hawkins, Michael F. Lecinski, Justin A. Welply, Gregory D. Haueisen